Does Kia UVO work with Google Home and Google Assistant?

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Does Kia UVO work with Google Home and Google Assistant?

The most exciting trend in automotive technology is for vehicle owners or passengers to be able to integrate other devices into the overall driving experience. An announcement by Kia from the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas has catapulted the automaker to the top of the industry. Kia owners can already connect their Android-based smartphones to the manufacturer’s infotainment system, but now Kia UVO works with Google Home and Google Assistant, one of the most popular such systems on the market today. A few vehicles in the Spitzer Kia of Mansfield showroom already have this capability. already have this capability. Interested buyers can schedule an appointment with one of our product experts today to see a demonstration.

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“Our customers inspired this latest enhancement to the Kia ownership experience,” Henry Bzeih, director, connected car & mobility services, strategy & planning, KMA said in a press release. “With more people using smart technology at home and work, it was a natural extension to bring this easy to use and widely adapted platform to the driver’s seat. With a simple voice command, Kia owners can interface with their vehicles in the same manner they use the Google Assistant in their homes.”

What can it do?

After making the cloud-based connection between the UVO-equipped vehicle and Google Home or Google Assistant app, owners will be able to use plain English commands to do just about anything they want. Some of the systems on a vehicle that can be controlled by the Google apps include starting or stopping the engine, adjusting climate controls, start/stop charging on plug-in vehicles as well as controlling the lights and locks.

What the commands I can use?

Just like the Google smart speaker people use in their homes, the Kia UVO agent can be activated the same with simple commands like ‘Tell UVO to start my Soul EV’ or ‘Tell UVO to lock my Niro.’

Which Kia vehicles work with Google Home and Google Assistant?

As of right now, there are four 2018 Kia vehicles that are compatible with the Google Home and Assistant systems: Niro PHEV, Soul EV, Optima PHEV

If you’d like to schedule a test drive with any of the Kia vehicles that can work with these outstanding Google assistant products, make an appointment with a Spitzer Kia of Mansfield sales professional today.

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