Learn About Genuine Kia Parts At Mansfield Kia

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Genuine Kia parts at Spitzer Kia Mansfield in Ontario Ohio

Learn About Genuine Kia Parts At Mansfield Kia

Kia Auto Parts

When you’re repairing your vehicle, you’ll need to decide what kind of part to choose. At Mansfield Kia, we have an incredible selection of Kia accessories and parts for you to choose from.

Trying to decide whether to use genuine parts or generic ones? The technicians at our Kia parts center can help you determine which would be best for you. If you just want to learn the difference between the 2, keep on reading below. Simply learning the differences might be able to help you make up your mind. If you have any questions, feel free to give our service center a call today.

What Are Kia OEM Parts?

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts are ones that have been created by the manufacturer. These genuine Kia parts are made using the same exact same materials and parts as the original ones. In a sense, they are an exact replica of the original part, so it should perform the same. They are even held to the same high standard as the original Kia parts.

When you want your vehicle to maintain the high-quality performance that you’re used to, OEM parts should be your go-to. These parts will fit in your vehicle perfectly and communicated with all other parts just as the original ones did. Maintain the efficiency of your vehicle by choosing OEM parts from our Mansfield, OH car dealership today.

What Are Aftermarket Parts?

On the opposite side of the spectrum, there are aftermarket parts. These are generic copies of the original parts without actually matching them perfectly. They are created by a third-party manufacturer and are meant to fit various different models, not just yours.

You’ll run into an issue with these parts when you need something to fit perfectly for maximum efficiency. Generic parts aren’t actually created to the same standards as genuine Kia parts, so you can’t rely on their lifetime. Over time you may experience more issues just from using a generic part over the genuine one. You can learn more about the difference in parts at our Kia parts center.

Which Parts Should You Choose?

Choosing between a genuine and generic part can be tough. On one hand the generic parts might have a lower price tag, and on the other hand, genuine parts can cost more but are of a higher quality and will likely last longer. It all comes down to your own choice of what you want for your vehicle. OEM parts are guaranteed to be created for your specific model and function just as the original part did. Though generic parts cost less, they can create problems with other components inside your vehicle which will cause more damage to be repaired. You can find all the Kia parts you need at our Ontario, OH car dealership near Mansfield today.

We Are Your Source For Genuine Kia Parts

When it comes to Kia parts, we are the experts. Our certified technicians have been trained by the manufacturer to work on your specific vehicle and to only use OEM parts when doing a repair. They know that these parts are the only way to maintain the high-quality power and performance that you expect from your Kia. If you’re a D.I.Y. mechanic and you need a part, you can order parts online or visit our Kia parts center to see what we have in stock. Feel free to come to us with any questions or concerns that you have about your next auto repair or maintenance service.

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