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For drivers in Mansfield, Ontario and Ashland, OH, simple and easy Kia finance is one visit to our Kia car dealership in Ontario. At Spitzer Kia Mansfield, our auto financing experts are well-prepared to give you the finance process that you deserve. Gone are the days of sitting at a car dealership for hours waiting for the finance process to be completed. Instead, we’ll get you up and running in your next vehicle as soon as possible.

With our online tools, expert staff and impressive inventory of vehicles, our Ontario, OH car dealership is the perfect place to be for the ultimate car-shopping experience. “Our World Revolves Around You,” so you can count on our dedication to your satisfaction. For more information on how we can get you into a favorable car loan or car lease, visit us at Spitzer Kia Mansfield today.

Fantastic Car Loan & Lease Options

One of the toughest parts of the Kia finance process is deciding between getting a car loan or a car lease. Thankfully, there’s a perfect option for any budget. For drivers looking for a stable, long-term engagement, a car loan is the perfect choice. While the monthly payments are slightly higher than in a car lease, you’ll completely own the vehicle at the end of your auto loan terms. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about mileage limits or rushing to fix cosmetic damage.

If you opt for a car lease, you’ll be opting for short-term commitment with lower monthly payments and sales tax. That’s because you’ll be paying for the projected depreciation of the vehicle over time, so the cost of driving over several years is lower than with a car loan. When your lease is up, you can return the vehicle to the dealership to get a new lease.

For detailed car loan and car lease explanations and for help deciding what fits your budget best, speak to the experts at our Kia finance center today.

Auto financing in Mansfield, OH

Simple Online Tools

Before you visit our Mansfield, OH car dealership where our dedicated Kia finance center is waiting for you, you can take care of some of the car-shopping process online. We have a plethora of tools to help simplify your experience, making it easier to focus less on the boring parts of buying a car and more on the exciting thrills of driving a new vehicle.

One of our online tools is a vehicle trade-in calculator. This tool will help you get an approximate value for the vehicle you’re currently driving for you to use as a down payment for your next car loan or lease. All you have to do is fill in information about the vehicle, and then you’ll know what you’re working with.

We also have an online Kia finance application. You’ll be able to see what you qualify for without even walking into our Mansfield, OH car dealership. Just fill in the form, and then one of the representatives from our Kia finance center will get back to you to let you know what you qualify for so that you know what kind of vehicle you can get with a new car loan or car lease. We also have a car payment calculator that’ll allow you to estimate monthly payments after putting in information such as your desired interest rate and more.

No matter what option you choose, the experts at our Kia finance center will do their best to get you the best lease or car loan terms for your credit score, including the best possible annual percentage rate (APR) and more. Learn more when you visit our Mansfield, OH car dealership, where our Kia finance center is ready to help you with your next car loan or lease.

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From new, used and Certified Pre-Owned vehicles, you can drive your dream car when you visit our Mansfield, OH car dealership. We’re ready to get you driving off in your new car, and we’ll make sure that the Kia finance process won’t sap the joy out of the experience. Visit Spitzer Kia Mansfield to get the ball rolling today.

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