Impressive Safety Features Onboard Every 2020 Kia Forte

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2020 Kia Forte for sale at Spitzer Kia Mansfield Ohio

Impressive Safety Features Onboard Every 2020 Kia Forte

Safety Takes No Back Seat in the New 2020 Kia Forte

When it comes to choosing a new car, most drivers understandably want something they look good in. More important, though, is choosing something they feel safe in.

Following a major overhaul in 2019, the 2020 Kia Forte hits the streets with more and better standard safety features than ever. Add that to a charming 4-door sedan that’s enticingly-priced and powerful and you have a pretty impressive set of wheels.

For details on just a few of the innovative safety features you will find standard on every 2020 Forte, keep reading. Then, make it a point to visit Spitzer Kia Mansfield for a test-drive.

Forward-Collision Warning and Forward-Collision Avoidance

By no means are the Forward Collision Warning and Forward-Collision Avoidance safety features standard on all makes and models. But on the 2020 Forte, though, they absolutely are.

Warning you when a vehicle ahead of you brakes or a pedestrian crosses in front of you, the 2020 Kia Forte applies Automatic Emergency Braking as part of this safety assistance to help avoid or reduce the collision.

Lane-Departure Warning with Lane-Keep Assist

At one time or another, we’ve probably all drifted into another lane without intent. It happens. Yet with Lane-Departure Warning and Lane-Keep Assist standard on every 2020 Forte, it can happen less: to help keep you centered in your own lane, you will be alerted by a sound, a small correction on the steering wheel and/or a gentle tapping of the brakes.

Vehicle Stability Management and Emergency Stop Signal

You can’t always see every bump in the road, but that’s where the Vehicle Stability Management feature takes command. Monitoring road conditions, automatically adjusting the steering wheel and hitting the brakes when the road gets rough, this feature ensures you stay in control. And for occasions you need to brake hard to accommodate those bumps in the road or any vehicles ahead, the Emergency Stop Signal initiates fast blinking of the brake lamp to alert those behind you of your hard braking.

Added Standard or Available Features on Every 2020 Forte

Depending on the trim level of the 2020 Forte you opt for, a wealth of additional safety features are available, if not standard, for added security in your travels around Mansfield or elsewhere.

Adaptive Cruise Control maintains the vehicle’s pace based on the speed of the car ahead. Blind-Spot Monitors assist when you’re checking those difficult-to-see spots around you. And Rear-Cross Traffic Alert warns you of vehicles coming from either side when you’re in reverse.

Spitzer Kia Mansfield Has the 2020 Forte to Fit Your Needs

In an effort to exceed every automotive hope and expectation, Spitzer Kia Mansfield offers an enticing lineup of 2020 Kia Forte vehicles with advanced safety you can rely on. So, visit our sales specialists to find the perfect fit today. We offer deals from low-interest loans to leases with low monthly payments to get you on the road fast—and with style and confidence.

Don’t wait to see these features firsthand: come by Spitzer Kia Mansfield today for a test-drive of the new 2020 Kia Forte today.

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