Electric Vehicle Battery Types

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Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular, so many Lexington drivers are interested in exploring the benefits, incentives, features, and EV battery technology. Spitzer Kia Mansfield has put together this guide on electric vehicle battery types and the enhancements these vehicles can bring to your driving experience in Shelby. Learn more below, then explore our inventory and find the new or pre-owned EV that’s optimal for your daily commute. Feel free to contact our team or visit us in Mansfield if you have any questions.

EV Battery Technology – Electric Vehicle Battery Types

The type of electric vehicle battery you have will vary based on whether you are driving an all-electric or plug-in hybrid model. An electric vehicle battery is designed for an extended life, usually about 10 to 20 years, and most warranties cover the batteries for a minimum of eight years or 100,000 miles. There are of course different factors that can affect the lifespan of your vehicle’s battery. With that in mind, there are four types of batteries used in electric cars: nickel-metal hydride, ultracapacitors, lead-acid, and lithium-ion. Learn more about electric vehicle batteries below!

Nickel-Metal Hydride Batteries

This type of electric vehicle battery is typically found in hybrid-electric vehicles. However, they can sometimes be used in some all-electric vehicles. These types of vehicles use fuel to recharge the battery and don’t get power from the external plug-in. Here are some details about about nickel-metal hydride batteries:

  • They have a longer life cycle than lead-acid or lithium-ion batteries
  • They are usually higher in cost
  • They have a high self-discharge rate
  • This battery generates significant heat

Normally, this battery is used in hybrid electric vehicles because they aren’t typically effective as rechargeable batteries.

Ultracapacitors Batteries

Ultracapacitor batteries are not your traditional EV batteries. Usually, they are used as a secondary storage device in electric vehicles because they help electrochemical batteries level their load. This also provides additional power when accelerating and regenerative braking.

Lead-Acid Batteries

This type of battery is usually used in electric vehicles as a way to supplement other battery loads. They are inexpensive, safe, reliable, and high-powered. However, this type of battery has a shorter life and responds poorly to cold temperatures. This performance issue makes them harder to use in other electric vehicles. High-powered batteries are currently in development that hopefully won’t be limited to secondary forms.

Lithium-Ion Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are the most common type of battery used in electric vehicles. They are known for having a high power-to-weight ratio, impeccable temperature performance, and high energy efficiency. This type of battery can also store a lot of energy for their weight, and this is vital because it allows electric cars to drive further on a single charge. They can hold a full charger longer than other batteries over time due to a low self-discharge rate.

Learn More About EV Battery Technology in Mansfield!

If you are interested in improving your Shelby and Ashland commute and driving experience with a premium vehicle or you want a model that’s excellent for the environment, an EV is a great option. Come visit us in Mansfield and we can get you behind the driver’s seat for a test drive! We offer competitive prices and vehicle specials for our customers. Contact us today to get things started!


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