Preventative Maintenance is Important

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Kia service tech working on a Kia at Spitzer Kia Mansfield

Preventative Maintenance is Important

Maintaining Your Kia will Extend the Life of Your Vehicle

It is important to take proper care of your Kia and perform recommended routine maintenance. This not only ensures the performance of your vehicle but safety on the road as well. Spitzer Kia Mansfield can conveniently do your oil change service or other preventative care in our Kia service department. Contact our service center to schedule an appointment or use our easy online scheduling tool.

Changing Your Oil Protects Your Engine

Preventative maintenance begins with changing your oil and oil filter as recommended in your vehicle owner’s manual. Keeping your motor oil and filter clean protects your engine from harmful impurities, premature wear, overheating, and potential engine failure. Oil also keeps the moving parts of your engine lubricated.

Having your oil changed by a professional technician is convenient and ensures the use of the oil formula that is right for your Kia. A routine oil change is one of the best ways to keep your engine running properly and also one of the least expensive investments you can make in your Kia. Follow the recommendations from your vehicle manufacturer to see when to have your vehicle serviced.

Preventative Maintenance Ensures Your Safety

There is nothing more important than driver and passenger safety on the road. Make sure that your brakes and tires are inspected regularly and that you address any noises, vibrations, or pulling in the vehicle that seems unusual. High-pitched squeals or grinding noises when you are braking are indications that your brake pads may need replacing. Any Kia service department can inspect and replace your brake pads, rotors, or problems in the brake fluid system.

There comes to a time when all tires need to be replaced. The treads on tires wear down and worn treads won’t stop as quickly as new tires, particularly on wet surfaces. A Kia service technician can also rotate your tires to slow down wear and tear before you need to have them replaced. Getting new tires from a Kia service department will make sure you have the right set of high-quality tire replacements that work best for your vehicle.

Routine Maintenance Ensures Dependability and Efficiency

We rely on our vehicles to work when we need them too, but they need proper care. Batteries can wear out and there are many factors that can decrease the life of your battery. If you notice corrosion around the battery, or it takes more effort to start your car, it may be time for a new one.

Windshield wipers also erode and need replacing for optimal visibility when it’s raining. You should regularly check your blades for any cracks, slits, or brittleness or if they are leaving streaks.

Wheel alignment increases fuel efficiency and extends the life of your tires. Proper alignment can also prevent the need for more expensive auto repair as your vehicle adds mileage.

Scheduling is Easy and Convenient

Spitzer Kia Mansfield can take care of any maintenance services you need in our service center. Scheduling your service appointment is easy with our online appointment system. Set up an account for convenient repeat visits, or sign on as a guest with your vehicle and model information.

We also schedule appointments over the phone during our business hours. Trust your preventative maintenance to a Kia service center for the best service and products.

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